The S**cide Of Rachel Foster (2019)

Christmas games are few and far between. Usually the closest we get are either certain levels, such as in Gex: Deep Cover Gecko, or the Kingdom Hearts series (in particular Kingdom Hearts 2) or when December comes around on the game calendar (the Persona series). Then you have Batman Arkham Origins and most of the Yakuza series, which are all pretty much Christmas games in … Continue reading The S**cide Of Rachel Foster (2019)

Va11 Hall-A (2016/19)

Cyberpunk is coming back.  It never really left, but its coming full circle again in the fashion timeline (which isn’t a straight line.  But more like a Spiral that keeps getting longer, hence a lot of things tend to come and go).  The difference between now and it’s golden age is that the technology is a step closer, going from, as Phillip K Dick suggested, … Continue reading Va11 Hall-A (2016/19)

8 Crazy Nights (2002)

Christmas Movies.  There are hundreds of them.  Hanukkah movies?  I’d say less than 10, and most of them are more like TV episodes than full blown movies.  However, there are 2 movies that are definitely for the season;  An American Tail…and this. Set in the modern day (2002) our animated feature stars Adam Sandler in 1 of 5 movies he was involved in that year, … Continue reading 8 Crazy Nights (2002)

Tokyo Godfathers (2003) Movie Review

Christmas in Japan – what do I know about it?  Well, considering Christianity makes up 2.3% of religious beliefs in the county (that’s still 2.9 million people, roughly the entire population of Jamaica…quite insane, I know) it usually is celebrated as a secular and commercial holiday that’s good for business.  I’m aware that it’s quite traditional for Kids who (sort of) experience it like every … Continue reading Tokyo Godfathers (2003) Movie Review

Batman Returns (1992) Movie Review

I dedicate this review to Vincent Andrew Schiavelli, who played the minor villain known as The Organ Grinder in this film.  He passed away 10 years ago today.  An excellent character actor who once gave a soviet policeman a real pineapple while on the set of Amadeus (something they didn’t see outside of a picture on a tin can). First I reviewed the 1989 film … Continue reading Batman Returns (1992) Movie Review

Die Hard (1988) Movie Review

Name me 1 thing that contributed towards making the 1980s a highly memorable decade for entertainment.  1 answer to this question?  That’s easy – how about a Christmas movie that happens to be 1 of the most legendary action thrillers of all time?  This is what Die Hard is, and well over 25 years later it remains a staple among those who love something a … Continue reading Die Hard (1988) Movie Review