Super Cub Ep 1

Due to experiencing what could be known as YCW (Yuru Camp Withdrawal), I decided to look for another anime of the (possible) Iyashikei genre variety and lowe and behold, ‘I may have found it on Funimation. Rather than a show about Camping, which includes at least one character using a small motorbike, here we have a show that is all about the small motorbike. ‘This … Continue reading Super Cub Ep 1

Ernest and Celestine (2012)

Finally, we end our Février Francais (French February) with another animated feature that I stumbled across while looking through some old magazines. Upon looking at a few screenshots and the trailer, that was enough to merit a purchase. Here is Ernest & Celestine. Based on the children’s book series of the same name by Belgian writer (and artist), Gabrielle Vincent, Ernest and Celestine happens in … Continue reading Ernest and Celestine (2012)