Art In Art Out Update: 2nd April 2021

Well, folks, April is here, it’s Good Friday, and Cherry Blossoms are already coming out for a show. And with it comes the closing of a dark chapter and the beginning of new life. It has been a while since I’ve written some news. Unfortunately, if you like my movie reviews and were looking forward to David Lynch Month, this will probably be bad news. … Continue reading Art In Art Out Update: 2nd April 2021

Bald and Bankrupt (YouTube) I came across this YouTube channel while I was researching countries where it possibly snows for 5 months of the year…actually now that I think about it, it was because this guy went to Chernobyl with a local who still lives on the verge of the radiation zone (and survives on Buckwheat and vodka in a house with no electricity or running water). But … Continue reading Bald and Bankrupt (YouTube)

Art In Art Out Update: January 4th 2021

So, after taking a bit of time to ponder and plan, I’ve decided to make at least one change to everything that is happening in this site’s year to come. We’ll start with a preview of the full line up for 2021 on Monday: January: Jean Pierre Jeunet Month – Four films directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. I have already written about his 2001 film Amelie … Continue reading Art In Art Out Update: January 4th 2021

Art In Art Out Update: 2021 Preview

After a bit of turbulence when it came to writing reviews again, I started to create the “Monday At 6” Review, which is a Weekly Review at 6pm UK Time on Mondays, and consists of anything I either watched or played in time to write about it, and occasionally sticking to a theme (such as horror for Halloween and Christmas for…well, Christmas). However, I plan … Continue reading Art In Art Out Update: 2021 Preview

Captain Marvel (2019) Movie Review

Right…now to talk about a highly anticipated, yet polarising piece of modern cinema that gets the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe rolling, while also being a 1st in 2 ways.  We’ll begin with the elephant in the room – Stan Lee.  Stan Lee’s passing in November 2018 makes this the 1st Marvel film that he will never get to see (Unless eternity allowed … Continue reading Captain Marvel (2019) Movie Review

Joker (2019) Movie Review

So, before I began;  “Where have you been?”  You might ask.  The answer…Stuff came up. Changes in life.  I wanted to create more and critique less, and in the process I neglected doing these reviews for a long while.  The only movies I could have written about (other than maybe Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die…which reminds me, I should do a series on him), … Continue reading Joker (2019) Movie Review

Arrival (2016) Movie Review

Every so often a Sci-fi movie comes along that is just…different.  Many a’times it’s set in space or in a futuristic version of earth, action-orientated, packed with laser guns and advanced ships, full of politics and lots of clean, spiky, skin-tight uniforms.  But every so often a sci-fi movie is set on earth, closer to our time, and it tackles the possibility that there is … Continue reading Arrival (2016) Movie Review