Short Blog 11 (8/1/22)

I mentioned in my last post about April Fools happening the following day, and hoping for more fun than offence for everyone who may get pranked. Well, on April first while waiting for a Fish and chips in the car, I got an e-mail that I wasn’t expecting so soon: An unconditional offer to do an Animation Degree. To add weight to the situation, I have been interested in getting on this course since July of last year. Sending the application in September, giving them my new portfolio in February (after receiving advice on how to improve it, and watching youtube videos of portfolios that other students had done), and then waiting to see if they would reply before the middle of May. They did. And literally, while life continues to be life and stuff happens – I haven’t felt this glad in a very long time.

I mention this, because I believe that blogging about my experiences on this course will be an important part to the creative process, as well as helping out anybody else who might either be doing it, or are interested in it. I acknowledge that upon entering, I will be starting at the very beginning. Deliberately entering it as if it was a new medium that I have no experience doing. To build a foundation that doesn’t collapse, and could hopefully be there for the rest of my career. And with this I say, I’m looking forward to this journey. See you along the way!

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