Short Blog 10 (31/3/22)

I’ve decided that despite the attempt at fitting a post into two hundred words was good for a time – sometimes I only have a hundred words in me. Sometimes there are three hundred, four hundred or more. If I have two thousand, it might be better to put it in a story. So instead of setting this like it was a challenge, as life may end up more complicated than before, I will simply free-write regardless of length. So from here on, welcome to the Short Blog post.

Life is changing. Revelations that where not seen before are being revealed. Treasures are being found. A time of new beginnings. The Winter is more or less over…unless you are in that part of the UK that got snow recently. I am hopeful, but also busy. It is a matter of bringing more discipline into the time management in order to juggle the many responsibilities that will be ever-expanding from here on. In my natural strength, it could end up being overwhelming. So I’ll be trusting in the Lord the whole way, because things could get crazy. An adventure that would have terrified me a few years ago. Possibly, it is an opportunity to see dreams become dust, shadows and history. Not my most poetic or grammatically correct post – but maybe my most honest in this circumstance. May you not be offended by any pranks that could happen tomorrow morning. Peace.

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