200 Word Blog 9 (22/2/22)

I guess I could play the game of trying to post this at twenty two past ten tonight, right on the twenty-second second. But enough of that silliness, because there is no twenty second month and this will only truly work in another two hundred years time. By then, will we still even have the Gregorian Calendar?…If only it was possible to get a computer or app to read this in Rod Serling’s voice. That would be awesome.

So this week has been an opportunity to truly get the year’s wheel rolling. Spring is around the corner, and despite the portfolio already being submitted and the wait is on – I’m still learning how to animate on the side. On top of this, I will have to develop an adaptable style, and let us be honest – Disney and Anime are good influences for that kind of thing. I’ve been studying the Nine Old Men, as well as several anime directors and Mangaka I enjoy, and hopefully I’ll be able to find “the style” that somehow gets recognised. We’ll see. Until then, here’s a sketch I did using a frame in Fantastia as reference. In particular, Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

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