200 Word Blog 6 (11/11/21)

I remember this day well ten years ago, because today marks the tenth anniversary of the video game Skyrim. A game so good that they released it again on current generation consoles and it is still a fun, engrossing and beautiful piece of fantasy escapism. I also remember getting it for twenty five pounds in a shop called GAME that December – making it a memorable Christmas. Today is also the Birthday of a good friend, the birthday of Roronoa Zoro from One Piece, and of course Remembrance Day, which will be observed in Churches in the UK on Sunday as Remembrance Sunday. I am reminded of the ending to the TV series Blackadder Goes Forth. In which the character of Blackadder is in the trenches fighting for Britain in World War One – The show itself is incredibly funny. But that season provided us with one of the most powerful endings in television history. A contrast to the rest of the show. One that said “Yes, these men lived, and where full of life. But many of them didn’t live to become the men their worlds wanted to love back.” We will remember them, and may they all rest in peace.

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