200 Word Blog 4 (8/11/21)

I hate headaches. Hate them! And yet they are plaguing my quality of life at this time. Despite receiving a Litre of Monin Gingerbread Coffee Syrup in the post this afternoon (tis the season), I may have to cut down on coffee again for a few days…and drink more water…and ride the stationary bike again because of all of the adrenaline. Anyway, the scarf I ordered for a Secret Santa gift has arrived; One based on a frame from the manga called Lady Snowblood by Kazuo Koike and Kazuo Kamimura. A story that would go on to inspire Quentin Tarantino’s movie series Kill Bill. It also occurred to me how much fun I have when sketching with two hands. Perhaps it’s impatience for a final product in which this method releases endorphins – but a portrait in five minutes is strangely satisfying – even if it doesn’t have much of a likeness or decent proportions. Anyway, it was quite a rough few days there, but hopefully tonight and tomorrow will be awesome, and the weekend even better again. So with that said, Everybody, have a great day!

A 5 minute sketch of Robert Downey Jr. ‘Might try a 10 minute 1 later

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