200 Word Blog 2 (4/11/21)

21 minute picture of Cinnamon

If you are in Britain or Ireland, good afternoon, it has been a nice looking day. But cold. It is the second day of the social-media walkway; no Facebook or Twitter on my phone, but I will still be using Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. Reason? To point people to this site (and others, like Artstation and Red Bubble when I get more items in the shop) and arrange meetings with family and friends. I still remember the zoom meetings. ‘The last resort in some ways, and a necessary evil in others. ‘Locked down. ‘Staring at several screens, as we watched The Chosen together on our separate monitors, and as I hosted Hangman and Pictionary to a group of people who would become my dear friends. I don’t believe we will forget this time in history. And while there were many challenges and tribulations during these last twenty or so months, I will be thankful for the unorthodox ways in which I prepared what would be my life afterwards. Social Media is what we make it. Either it serves us, as it did here. Or we serve it as the fuel and fire for the untamed monster. Have a great day!

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