200 Word Blog 1 (3/11/21)

Today begins what could be seen as a new era on this website, starting with the two-hundred-word daily blog, which will focus on life and art and is likely inspired by David Lynch’s weather report on youtube. Now to let you know what is happening: I am making a comic book, which I hope to have on sale soon, and I’m also learning how to animate while doing other things. I will also be warming up the artistic muscles by producing a thirty-minute-or-less sketch every day, with the plan of posting it here and on Instagram, whether I like the end result or not. We’ll call it a personal challenge. And as some of you also know, I haven’t written a review since July of this year, with my last post being the final episode of the anime called Super Cub. The Reviews will be back again, but not weekly. Although there have been some great shows, movies and games that I would love to talk about here when the time is right. I have also, more or less, quit social media, so I will be documenting that in the days and weeks to come. Everyone, have a great day!

I’ll also get this thirty minute daily sketch started with picture of Lulu from Final Fantasy X & X-2.

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