Joran The Princess Of Snow And Blood Ep 11

I am the god of Spoilers, and I bring you, Spoilers! I take you to Learn. Or at least that is how the song might sound in a parallel universe that Rick And Morty have not explored yet. Anyway, let us begin.

The show opens a little differently this time. Adding some sound effects. Sawa is behind Kuzuharu in a moment that has been building for two weeks. Kuzuharu has been revealed as the man who killed her Clan. Sawa displays fury – but also confusion. She wants answers, and she wants Kuzuharu dead. However, an intruder alert has been sound, and only Tokugawa can make the call. Kuzuharu then offers Sawa a deal. Kill him now, be captured and then bled dry for the blue blood she possesses. Or possibly kill him later at Shinobazu Pond at midnight, in which he provides her with an escape. She decides to kill him later and escapes. The guards arrive, looking for Sawa. One tries to get Kuzuharu to tell them, only for the others to say that torture will do nothing. They find the escape route and send another team in the direction of the exit. The guard then tells Kuzuharu that he may have to kill him when they meet again.

Meanwhile, Sawa is escaping through the tunnels. Lightsabre style bullets are flying until some of the guards are killed by crossbow arrows. Saw runs around the corner to see Hanakaze greeting her, then throwing a perfume bottle grenade. They escape through a fake headstone in the graveyard. Only to confront Rinko, who is in full-blown drunken-blade at this point, as she has been given orders from Tokugawa to take them in alive. It leads to Sawa leaving her sword on the ground and have some unarmed combat with Rinko. All I can think about is how they justify all of the broken tombstones. Sawa beats Rinko in the end. Breaking her Metal blades with chops and stomps, then dodging a last-ditch effort and landing an Iron Fist punch that ends up leaving Rinko broken and sobbing. Hanakaze asks if leaving her alive is a good idea – Sawa says there is no need to kill her. Hanakaze comments that Sawa has changed…then again, as a soon-to-be mother, she could be one to say anything.

We then cut to Morning Dew Used Bookstore, where they provide us with some exposition – a catch up for Sawa, who had been out of town for a little while. Turns out the Ryumyaku, which powers the city like a nuclear reactor, is drying up. And the government armies, which rely on the ryumyaku, are struggling. As skirmishes happen every day, with the resistance gaining ground. Hanakaze puts on the radio for us to find out that the riots had led to a curfew. Anybody who is caught outside will be considered a rioter. Sawa still needs to see Jin, despite this. Hanakaze tells her to relax and live a little. Then…the door opens. Sawa, in shock, is seeing a ghost. Asahi walks in with daikon as if her bleeding to death had not happened. As it turns out, Kuzuharu rescued Asahi and had her treated by Todoroki, a medical school dropout who professed to be a revolutionary. While leaving, Hanakaze collapses to her knees…the baby is coming.

So now we have a new dilemma – delivering a baby during a curfew where the nearest midwife has left. Hanakaze gives the job to Sawa, who look through her bookshelf for a medical book. We then get a contrast. The sound of Hanakaze delivering a baby while a skirmish is happening on our screens. People are dying, and traces of the Tokugawa reign are being destroyed. The baby girl is successfully delivered.

While Hanakaze and the baby sleep, we get time with Sawa and Asahi, and we get plenty of touching moments here. Considering neither of them thought they would see each other again – they talk about the future. Sawa gives Asahi not only some school work but also the blood-stained journal her mother never wrote in. Excited about this, Asahi gets sleepy and lays her head on the lap of Sawa. Sawa then puts her to bed, cleans her sword. She has flashbacks of her time with Asahi happening at once. It causes her to drop her sword and weep openly, knowing the risk of losing her life and her chance at happiness. She sharpens her sword. ‘Gives us the eyes of Sawa Yukimura, and then heads in the direction towards Kuzuharu, where he waits for his final showdown with her.

So we are near an end, and this is the last episode before the final showdown. We now know that Sawa has a life to fall back on, with Asahi, Hanakaze, little Hana, and perhaps Kuzuharu if she lets him live. However, he will put up a fight that Makoto and Rinko together could not muster at that moment. I suspect something will happen to the Shogun, and his empire of tyranny will fall. We will also acknowledge the possibility that the words of Makoto will continue to echo – that everybody is playing their roles. Perhaps Asahi is to get her vengeance. Will we get a good ending or a bad one? I have two guesses: Either Sawa dies with Hanakaze adopting Asahi, or they all literally live happily ever after. Either way, let us find out next week. And if that is the final episode, I will also be giving a final overall score and some thoughts on the various building blocks that made up the show. See you then!

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