Super Cub Ep 9

Oh, you gonna spoil me home tonight. Oh, down beside that spoiler light. Oh, you gonna let it all spoil out. Fat Bottomed Spoils, you make the spoiling world go round. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way – let us get frosty.

Koguma exits her apartment to get on her Cub – she lets us know that the weather suggests a feeling of mid-winter, even though it is autumn. She indicates that since getting the Cub, the seasons are more evident – especially if you’re wearing a knee-high skirt. Despite preparing for winter – both she and Reiko are feeling the cold. They both argue lightly about wearing a necessary item. Koguma acknowledges the benefit of it, while Reiko insists that they are a terrible fashion statement. Even their lunch breaks are more uncomfortable than before, with thighs being rubbed together for warmth and food cooling down quicker. Koguma reveals the tin bento box she got earlier, containing white rice, which she then dumps a can of spam onto. Shii shows up, asking to eat lunch with them – they accept her invitation.

Shii gives the other two a cup of Tè al latte or Italian Milk Tea. One that has a hint of Grappa (Italian Grape Brandy) in it – but not enough to make it too boozy. Reiko then pats Shii down like an airport security guard. Joking that Shii can fit into her Cub’s Rear Box, and then she can have Coffee or Tea anytime. The struggle for Koguma to be warm is made clear to Shii, who invites them over to the Buerre again. While having Coffee, Shii comes down to show them a warm looking cardigan with a braided design on the arms. Koguma isn’t sure and says it smells. However, Reiko is impressed, as it is made of abrasive wool. Which is a popular material for outfits worn by Canadian hunters and mountaineers. Koguma tries it on and goes outside. Despite initial thoughts, she likes it. They decide to take the cardigan to school to doctor it into liner for clothes and make stockings. This leads to Shii riding on a Cub for the first time. She yells the whole way that they are going too fast. Their Home Economics teacher offers to do the job after finding out that it’s abrasive wool – leading to the creations of a vest for Koguma, stockings for Reiko and a thermos covering for Shii. They stayed a while, with the school emptying by the time they receive their new garments.

The next day, Koguma tries out the vest under her riding jacket. Despite still wearing a skirt in cold weather, the colour saturation increases with Koguma and Reiko’s joy in the new items. Shii shows off the thermal covering on her tea flask. That night while preparing dinner, Koguma overhears on the radio that there will be a potential snowfall. She and Reiko arrive at school the next day, agreeing that as good as the thermals are – they aren’t enough for the destined weather changes. Koguma still insists that they might have to buy that ‘thing’ that Reiko really doesn’t want – leading to what could be interpreted as a fight. Shii, concerned, says to drop by the Cafe for coffee afterwards. They go to Up Garage again, where the big, uncool, ugly thing is revealed…a windshield…literally, that’s it. However, the last one is bought. They don’t have any more in stock. The girls jest their relief until the clerk says that they could get some in a few days – they shake their heads to say no.

Afterwards, they go to Buerre, where Shii serves them her coffee. Cappuccinos to a hint of Uchida grappa in them, straight from the Yamanashi Prefecture. Reiko jokes about adding more Grappa but is declined. They continue their argument about a windscreen until Shii suggests actually trying one on. After all, she tried a coffee machine for the cultural festival and liked it so much to have one in the Bakery. Upon this perception, Koguma and Reiko decide that it’s a good idea to try one. So they leave and go to where they salvaged the rear box and see if they have any cubs with windscreens. The only bike available was damaged by a Lorry hitting it. But it worked well enough to try a test run. Reiko tries it first, and then Koguma. Afterwards, they go back to Buerre to continue their talks about windscreens. They decide to just get one each at Up Garage and fit them, with Shii overhearing and thinking that Cubs are fantastic. Upon applying their screens, they go for a ride. Revealing a love for the screen that wasn’t there before.

Koguma then reflects. Not only on how great the Windscreen is. But how they prepared for the cold with the help of others – and Koguma mentions how comfortable she is around other people since getting the Cub. That the winter preparations of the Cubs surprised her – assuming they would create restrictions, they actually made the experience superior.

This was a good episode. It was one that continues the friendships as well as the development of the girls as Cub riders. With the next episode being called Snow, this is clearly another bridging episode. And also one that brings the girls out of another comfort zone. To choose comfort over coolness, when coolness has a double meaning: To be down with the other kids, but also to be frosty and perhaps ill. So comfortable it is.

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