Joran The Princess Of Snow And Blood Ep 9

Last spoilers, I gave you my spoilers. But the very next spoilers you gave it a spoiler. This spoiler, to save me from spoilers, I’ll give it to someone spoilers – – Yeah, there are spoilers ahead. Let us begin.

Sawa wakes up in the old hut with breakfast in bed. She looks to see Nana outside before getting dressed and heading to the beach. At the beach, she sees Kuzuharu with his back turned before the opening credits begin.

Kuzuharu lets Sawa know that Makoto worked for Janome as the distributor of the fake blue-demon blood. Sawa replies that She died at the hands of a dark shadow. They are going back to Tokyo. Kuzuharu first, then Sawa when she heals. However, Sawa has a new dilemma – A promise to Asahi – that they would be together forever if she didn’t kill anyone else. Sawa stays for a bit and unravels her bandages to reveal some scars, despite her healing abilities. A young woman then appears with a bag. It’s Rinko, looking very different without the glasses and bandana. She reveals that Kuzuharu really wants Sawa alive – and, like Sawa, Rinko is also a Nue Executioner. However, there is tension between Sawa and Rinko – because Rinko had the power to save Asahi – but didn’t, as part of Nue’s approach to surveillance. Rinko admits that what happened to Asahi was very sad – and would understand if Sawa hates her. Sawa also finds out that Kuzuharu knows everything that happens – and that Rinko was not only in disguise at the temple – but also sober. Turns out she’s a proper Rice-Wino and might have great battles with Misato Katsuragi if it was allowed. She says that if Sawa is heading to Tokyo, she will tag along. Which is what happens. After a brief walk, Sawa states her confusion. As far as she is concerned, she has nothing to live for – however, Kuzuharu might change that. Perhaps it’s love?

We fast forward to the clinic, which is now closed. Kuzuharu shows the leader of the Rebels a liquid version of Janome’s Blue-Blood formula. He forces the leader to sacrifice his humanity to save his brother. Afterwards, Sawa and Rinko arrive at a train station – and they go to her home village. In another part of the bigger picture, while on the tram, Kuzuharu experiences a brief werewolf/incredible hulk moment. Only to be told that Janome’s serum is now mass-produced to build an unstoppable army, and all that is left is the cooperation of Sawa. It is also clear that the messenger has lost his humanity by his Batman-eque ability to disappear on a moving tram. Back with the other two – Rinko struggles to keep up with Sawa. Unlike Sawa, Rinko doesn’t remember her parents, where she was born. Or even what dialect she actually speaks. They then arrive at Karasumori Village – which is now a burnt up ruin surrounded by mountains and greenery. We then get a history of the Karasumori Clan, which have been around in Japan for over sixteen hundred years, and move with the Ryumyaku to avoid attention. While giving exposition, Sawa does a few tasks, including drawing water from the well to offer respect for the dead. Sawa then asks to be alone. We get a flashback to the day she met Kuzuharu after she had just buried her parents, as well as of her brother’s last words. ‘She then asks Nana if, when the job is over, that they could die together and go be with the family. Sawa now agrees, She has unfinished business.

Sawa and Rinko are now on the train to Tokyo. Rinko says that she is surprised that the village life hadn’t softened Sawa up. In agreement, they acknowledge that the Executioner lifestyle does not afford a lot of sleep – to which Rinko passes out from her drunkenness into a slumber. Meanwhile, a group of men hijack the train. It is the rebels who are demanding and taking hostages. Rinko shows off her drunken badass self in the next minute or two, and leading to one of the most unique death scenes I have ever seen in an anime. Afterwards, Rinko gets some whiskey.

They arrive in Tokyo, and Sawa enters the Morning Dew Used Bookstore for the first time since Asahi poisoned her. She sees a memory of Asahi dusting a shelf before vanishing. Then she starts to clean the shop. And finds a copy of The Merchant In Venice – the book that Makoto liked to quote from. Inside is a note. Now angry, Sawa confronts Kuzuharu. As he offers her the next assignment, she knocks the brief out of his hand and then proceeds to slice up the back of his shirt. Revealing a distinct pattern on his back…It was Kuzuharu – who killed her family all of those years ago.

I will be a little honest – I kinda predicted this would happen. It was my guess on whodunnit, so to speak. However, the road to revealing this was unclear to me. I enjoyed seeing Rinko take over Makoto’s role as the most eccentric character in the show, as her approach to drunken fist (or drunken blade, more like) was a pleasant surprise! This was very much a bridging episode. ‘With a journey more-so than a fight. But no doubt, the confrontation between Sawa and Kuzuharu in the next episode has the potential to be white-hot. Especially when you remember how intimate they got in the previous episode.

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