Super Cub Ep 7

Spoilers are ahead. Now to begin.

So we begin this episode with another public domain musical piece. From Claude Debussy’s friend Erik Satie. ‘Debussy’s Arabesque Number one and Claire de Lune play in episode one, and ‘Satie’s Gymnopédies Number one plays here. What is funny is that before this episode, I saw this piece as perfect for this show…and now here it is! It has been nearly six months since Koguma had bought the Cub that changed her life for the best. She reflects on the last episode and how it now feels like a dream. She then gets her Cub ready to take her to school, then foes. The weather is changing, and she is starting to feel the cold. Reiko then arrives in her new Hunter Cub, complete with a digital speedometer. She has only ridden it for about a thousand kilometres, so it is still being broken in. Reiko, too, comments on the cold by wearing gloves with a hole in the index finger.

While changing into their indoor shoes, there is a hint of banter. Continuing to show more of Koguma’s sense of humour. Autumn has arrived, as it appears that the school is getting ready for the Culture Festival before the opening credits begin. They get to class, where we find out that Reiko always buys from a particular bakery, and the class is doing an Italian Style Cafe as their theme for the Culture Festival. They are receiving an Espresso Machine from Kofu Daiichi Prefecture High School so that they can make Italian style Coffee. They continue to comment on the colder weather. Which acknowledgement that certain journeys will not be possible due to the ice. After class, the executive of the Culture Festival asks if any volunteers can stay behind and help. That Executive is Shii, the third girl in the show’s promotional material. Reiko’s up for it. But Koguma says that fixing her Gloves comes first. They travel to second-hand shops around Kofu. First at Up Garage, where Reiko nearly becomes too distracted by the goods that Koguma reminds her why they’re there. Reiko looks at gloves and Koguma a winter top. They end up skipping the volunteer work for the Cultural Festival and go back to Reiko’s house to look at gloves online.

The next day, a new problem is presented. The kind of problem that could perhaps bring a third person (who happens to be in the promotional material) into the fold. Shii has the problem: Materials need to be brought to the school, but as it turns out, they don’t have vehicles to transport all of it. Koguma ends up quietly volunteering to make the delivery. Reiko accepts the challenge as well. Koguma borrows a trailer from the gym while Reiko borrows a Delivery Rig that’s designed to transport Soba Noodles (among other things). They then prepare their Cubs for the delivery. Shii then comes out to see what is happening. To which Reiko and Koguma give her a Perculator and then tells her that supplies to create a Wild West Style Saloon as a back-up are available, in case the Italian Cafe didn’t work out.

So they travel, in a picturesque way, to Kofu Daiichi Prefecture High School to obtain the supplies, which includes a reunion with the teacher from the summer job. They then get loaded up with everything, with the teacher suggesting she asks her Grandfather if he can ride his Cub. Reiko admits it’s not worth it. Calling Cubs indestructible is only great advertising. They arrive with the supplies.

The Cultural Club is now in full swing, with a Haunted House, a Samurai Theatre and of course, the Italian Bar. Everything worked out. Reiko and Koguma are about to leave until Shii comes out to offer Coffee as a token of her thanks. She then comments that she would like to ride a Cub too. However, She falls off her own bike as it is. Koguma then comments that if she is ever going to ride a Cub, she has to want to. Because if you are scared, the Cub will be scared back. Kind of poetic. Koguma then returns the coffee cups, where she notices that this small girl, Shii, is now much larger than she was when the episode began. She doesn’t really get addressed by her name in this episode, but it shows up in the name of the next episode – kind of like how Reiko’s name isn’t mentioned in episode two.

This episode was definitely quieter than the last two. This is fine, ‘one like this is needed to break up the exciting ones and add a new direction to the story. In this case, the executive of the Culture Festival, a grey-black haired girl named Shii, is guaranteed to join Koguma and Reiko on adventures to come in this show (and the Manga). This was both a bridge and a stand-alone episode. Which, much like Reiko’s summer job episode, can be used to introduce the show in some way. I also like how much cooler Koguma has become as a person. She has confidence that wasn’t there before and has very much become the negotiator of the two. Her knowledge of Cubs through Reiko is also shining through in this case. Anyway, I look forward to more episodes, with next week’s being one to focus on Shii.

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