Joran The Princess Of Snow And Blood Ep 8

Spoilers are ahead of you if you continue down this route. If you are okay with this, then proceed.

Before we truly begin, we are switching pronouns again. As far as I am concerned, those hips and that figure, in general, are not lying. It has happened – Macavity Makoto went from being a tweener to a full-blown heel. We hate her, we wish she was dead, and we hope Sawa tears a new hole in her somewhere. We acknowledge these feelings as the first image we receive is that of Asahi lying there in a pool of blood. Sawa has just brought the Sorceress Of Castle Grayskull out of hiding to do extra damage to this two-faced psychopath. A battle ensues as they more or less fight with light sabres. Sawa gets angrier, and Makoto gets higher as it progresses. It becomes clear that Makoto might have a slight advantage, as she got Sawa to bleed. However, when they strike each other a second time, it is Sawa to gets the hit. Makoto transforms back into her usual self, and her dream is coming true – Makoto has the full attention of Sawa…and now she can die at the hands of the one she desires the most. Not to be killed by Sawa Karasumori, but Sawa Yukimura. However, just as Sawa is about to give the executing slice, the voice of Asahi tells her to stop. Convinced that Sawa is now thinking of someone else, she starts to quote The Merchant Of Venice again and starts to get into her head until – – A man-sized crow swoops down and basically punches Makoto straight through the ribcage. Killing her before flying off. Makoto died without fulfilling her dream. And Sawa realises that everybody she ever liked or loved has died. Causing her to faint as Nana the Albino Crow separates himself from her.

Meanwhile, Kuzuharu tells a woman to take care of something while two cleaners walk in the background with a stretcher. Kuzuharu has the rebel leader in his car, and he tells him to behave if he wants his brother to live. Rinko arrives at the temple and wonders where everybody is, seemingly. As it turns out, she is part of the clean-up after getting another cleaner to look at an outhouse with a skeleton in it. We then find out that Sawa is in the back seat of the car. He is trying to save her life.

Sawa then wakes up in an old-style Japanese hut that has been abandoned. Kuzuharu walks in to tell her she has been asleep for four days. He is carrying firewood and tells her that they are safe. Sawa asks about Asahi. Kuzuharu tells her that she received a respectable burial, along with the rest of the bodies. We then see Sawa outside, reflecting on the amount of death that happened due to her blood. As well as the quote from her brother. That as long as one Clan member is alive – this will not end. Kuzuharu arrives at the edge of the woods with a bag of vegetables. Nana, the Albino Crow, forces him to follow. He finds Sawa walking into the ocean, trying to commit suicide. He rescues her and tells her she needs to live before dragging her back to shore. Sawa says that everything is painful. Everything hurts. Kuzuharu tells her that life is hard and that things are taken from us without cause, and we are constantly forced to submit. But this does not mean we give up. Sawa disagrees until Kuzuharu tells her that dying now would refute everything she has been through. Everything from those she loved to those she killed. That they, and their meaning, cannot be erased. She is not to be ashamed of her blood. To not curse it. To be proud. That there is a point to it all, a reason why she is the survivor.

They stay another night in the hut, where Kuzuharu tries to care for her by giving her fresh clothes and cleaning her feet. He empathises with her and her pain. However, Sawa says that he only wants her because she is a valuable weapon to Nue and the government. But Asahi, on the other hand, saw her as a person, despite killing her parents. Kuzuharu offers her water. She refuses, to the point of hitting the cup away and smashing it. While He picks up the pieces, Sawa demands that Kuzuharu slices her throat because she is a traitor and must die. Kuzuharu looks like he is about to do it, and Sawa becomes submissive. Then…He says it…Iori Makabe…his real name. With that, he becomes intimate as he gives his back story. A hard life where he chose to live, no matter what was happening. He killed to escape his own hell. But then he fell in love with a woman who treated him as human…She died. So, Kuzuharu knows what Sawa is going through. We then get a very touching moment. As both Sawa and Kuzuharu are at their most vulnerable.

Sawa is asleep before him. But he leaves the hut to go for a walk. Kuzuharu then sees Nana in the tree and says not to worry. He admits that there is a bit of a vacuum when it comes to the blue blood and that he will not have long to live. Telling the crow to look after Sawa. Kuzuharu then reflects on his past relationship until…Hanakaze comes back from the dead! Clearly quite preggers at this point. They agree to do one more Job.

You know what? This was great. Really great. A lot more focused. More touching and intimate. And both Sawa and Kuzuharu are very relatable in these moments. This is the most human that we have seen these two, and in this sense, it actually adds more quality to the episodes that came before it. Sawa struggling with her blue blood ability has become metaphorical in nature to whatever we, ourselves, either choose to do in life, or who we are in our quirks. That we have our goal, and along the way, we experience a lot of change. That people come and go, even when the task has not been given closure. It is painful, as there are times when we want those who are at the beginning of our stories to see us accomplish our goals. And in Sawa’s case…there is nobody. Other than Kuzuharu and now Hanakaze, there is nobody. We will see what the trio does next week, along with the rebel leader. Hopefully, it will be even better. I will also add that the voice acting is excellent in this episode! We will see what happens. Until then. Later!

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