Super Cub Ep 6

Right…Spoilers ahead! Let us begin.

So we start the episode during what looks like the start of the next term. When we left off the previous episode, Koguma says that she plans to get her motorcycle license. Well, during the week since then, she has done that, and Shiro even upgraded her Cub to accommodate the new freedoms she has. This includes getting the speed limiter removed so that she can actually go sixty kilometres per hour rather than thirty at all times. Koguma is also showing a newfound knowledge of what has been done to her Cub. Suggesting that Reiko taught her a lot of things during the week as well. While arriving at school, the opening credits begin.

So they begin the semester with what looks like a field trip! To Kamakura, as well. Reiko enthusiastically looks at a motorbike magazine while Koguma looks at the pamphlets, which suggest they will be visiting some temples. All Koguma can think about is the food they might eat there. Afterwards, she is back to eating rice bento, and Keiko shows her a magazine spread about Enoshima and the Shonan Bullet Road. Which is located near the Inn that they are staying in. The suggestion is that they see it in their free time. Or specifically, riding it. Koguma then says she looks forward to the fish meals in Misaki and the sweets in Kamakura. As it turns out, Koguma has been eating the homemade curry rice bento so that she could save her money for food she really wants to try.

All was well…until Koguma wakes up that morning with a high temperature and calls in sick. She then has a more normal temperature at ten o clock, thirty minutes after the students departed. Koguma is disappointed but determined, and she decides to go on her own terms. Wearing her gym clothes instead and taking the Koshu Highway to get there. At eleven o clock, she leaves on her Cub. Stopping for petrol along the way. She then phones Reiko, who is on the bus. She more or less gives her her blessing and will vouch for her when she arrives. Until then, the trip has to be made. We then get a small montage similar to what Rin would have in Laid Back Camp when she’s on her moped. She then stops for another break and phones Reiko, telling her that she might get to the Inn before them. Reiko then warns her that it’s a bit boring at the location and she should enjoy the journey. Koguma stares briefly at Mount Fuji. Then she decides to take the Fuji Azami Line towards the mountain. Koguma shows some altitude adjustments as she starts to breathe more heavily (or perhaps it’s the fever) before arriving at the Mount Fuji Subashiri Trail pitstop. She doesn’t realise how high up she is until she gets the breeze from the edge. Then she says to Mount Fuji that she will give it the day off.

Travelling, then stopping, and then travelling some more. Koguma finally arrives at the Shonan Bullet Road and sees the unique housing style along the way. As well as taking a break to look at the ocean. By half four, she makes the trip to the Inn. She arrives at the exact time that the bus arrives – – to the confusion of her classmates. Reiko’s words really set in for Koguma – that with a Cub, she can go anywhere. Her teachers were obviously a bit upset, knowing that if you had a fever and travelled by Cub, an accident could happen.

Afterwards, Koguma and Reiko go to relax. First with tea, then to the baths where Koguma tells Reiko she climbed Mount Fuji on the Cub, along with other trails. They both advertise the Cub as the best vehicle in the world for roads that cars can’t journey. After the bath, they get the fish dishes and desserts that Koguma craved before hitting the futons.

The next day, they decide to go ride Koguma’s Cub together. Keiko reveals she has a helmet with her, adjusts the sides to hold the passenger’s feet, and then they ride off in quite a beautiful moment in the show. They stop at Kanazawa-hakkei Station for a break. Reiko admits that her Cub is broken and will have to get a new one. More specifically, as Koguma remarks, the CT – a Hunter Cub that had been discontinued since 2012. For the mountain roads. Reiko then says that it is a Farm Bike overseas. It leads to a moment of awe…that the era of the Cub being the best Farm Bike is over, and the electric bikes just don’t compete. They then bring up Koguma’s Cub, which Reiko believes will still be going, and parts will still be found forever. While riding back, Koguma says she doesn’t want to change – that she hopes to keep riding the Cub forever.

This was an episode that really pushed Koguma. After days of Home, School, Shiro’s, and the shops nearby, then going between two schools in different towns, here she is, literally going cross-country like it was an episode of Laid Back Camp. I’ve said it before, we can be proud of Koguma (whose name literally means Little Bear Cub). Comparing her to how she was in episode one, it is oddly magical to watch without being too heavily romanticised. The next episode will be called “The Girl of Summer-Sky Aqua”, who I believe is the third girl in the show’s promotional material, with slightly blue or grey hair and rides an Alex Moulton Bicycle everywhere. See you then.

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