Joran The Princess Of Snow And Blood Ep 7

Spoilers! … let us begin.

Sawa and Asahi arrive at the Asakara Temple in the Iwai Prefecture, which happens to have many stray cats. A young woman answers, and Sawa says she seeks Ouran-san. The young woman says that Ouran died of an illness. Sawa and Asahi begin to leave until the young woman asks Sawa if she is a friend of Makoto. Saying which the woman introduces herself as Rinko, Ouran-san’s granddaughter. Upon this introduction, Sawa and Asahi enter the grounds before the opening credits kick in.

So, the temple is…a shell of what it was. The government ransacked it, stray cats are everywhere (even in the snowy weather, like here), and a head of a Buddha statue lies decapitated in the snow, which would not be something you want to see if you are a Buddhist. A Cat plays with a small toy on the platform, and it turns out Ouran-san did what most people do to have lots of strays…She fed them. They are then directed to their residence, where we see Nana The Albino Crow in a tree. Rinko sees it as an omen. Entering the house, Asahi, in her usual pro-active nature, decides she wants to start tidying, but Sawa tells her to rest. It is here we learn a new thing about them both. Asahi has a hint of arachnophobia, while Sawa, for once, didn’t kill something, and is experiencing either growth or restraint. That night they sleep in their futons while a bit of wind is happening. Cutting back to the beds, Asahi chooses to sleep beside Sawa, like a child sharing the bed with one or both parents when afraid.

We then cut to a different room. A stand-out member of the resistance is confined to a chair. Approaching with a candle, Kuzuharu starts the interrogation by informing the man that his foster father, Seiji Todoroki, is dead. Seiji being Makoto’s Doctor. Kuzuharu then brings up the man’s younger brother and asking him what is in Makoto’s notebook. We then see Makoto at the Ichisako Rice Exchange, where he receives a rice bag containing a little statue as part of a treasure hunt. The statue has a note inside it. While looking at said-note, Makoto hallucinates and sees the Treasurer, telling him (or her) that there are three more statues to collect. ‘Makoto’s goal is clear: Take down the Tokugawa regime and rescue Sawa from this life. He also hallucinates Hanakaze, who tells him (or her) that Sawa might have escaped without any help. To say the least, Makoto is losing more and more self-control.

While walking through the snow-covered town nearby, Asahi and Sawa witness children having a snowball fight. They apologise when one snowball hits Asahi, then recognise her as ‘The girl at the Cat Temple’. They offer her an opportunity to play with them, and Sawa nods in approval. Sawa falls in the snow, and a man goes to check on her. The man’s gaze meets Sawa’s.

We fast forward to the spring. The cherry blossoms are out, and the man shows Asahi some ladybugs. We also find out from Sawa that the man’s name is Oikawa. They suggest the possibility of Asahi going to school, with him as her teacher. Meanwhile, Makoto is going bonkers in a back alley. ‘Down to his/her last pill, and also down to finding the final document in the treasure hunt. That final pill was from a bottle of painkillers. Making us wonder what Makoto’s problem is. He/She arrives at the Matsumaru Miso Plant and finds the last document…which happens to be about the Karasumori Clan – Sawa’s family.

‘Back with Sawa and Asahi, they discuss going to the Cherry Blossom festival, and Asahi suggest that Oikawa sensei is very handsome, to which Sawa tries to brush that suggestion off. Asahi then introduces Sawa to flower pressing. To make the flowers last longer. We then see Makoto bathing by a stream. We are still guessing, but he has quite a feminine hip structure. We will stick with He for now. So, he arrives at Sawa’s book shop to see that it’s closed.

Makoto then meets with Kuzuharu at the Cable Car Station, where Kuzuharu gives him the report that Sawa is dead and Asahi is missing. Makoto then asks if Kuzuharu is going to kill him. To which Kuzuharu brings out the bottle of painkillers and says “It looks like you only have three days left, anyway.” ‘Kuzuharu then tells Makoto that if he wants the painkillers, he is to hand Sawa and Asahi over. Saying “You want to see Yukimura again before dying, don’t you?” He then offers to leave Sawa and Asahi alone (as he knows where to find them) if Makoto gives him the blue blood capsules that Janome created. Makoto complies, but Kuzuharu notices that there are only two capsules and not three. Makoto insists that He didn’t take it. He then gets the painkillers. Kuzuharu then asks if Makoto has found the Treasurer’s treasures. Afterwards, Kuzuharu burns the box carrying the formula and recalls Makoto telling him, “I’m going to take Yukimura from you” – so…we have either two men or a man and a woman fighting over another woman. Let us continue.

We return to Sawa and Asahi. Asahi picks some flowers while Sawa naps by the doorway. Makoto arrives and manages to get very close to her. Asahi notices Makoto, and they have a conversation. Makoto then tries to trick Asahi by saying that, “Sawa’s revenge isn’t done” while clearly needing painkillers at that moment. ‘Then saying “I need to tell Yukimura the truth”, to which Asahi makes it clear: “Yukimura is dead”. Makoto then remarks regretting the day he didn’t kill Asahi. Rinko then yells out, waking Sawa, and causing Makoto to flee while out of Asahi’s line of sight. They then get ready for the cherry blossom festival.

So, the Cherry Blossom Festival was cancelled, despite being dressed up for it, due to the Ryumyaku supply (That power supply we mentioned in episode one) being unstable. Oikawa then offers to enjoy the Blossoms with them, and it looks like a pleasant evening. Asahi then tries to get Sawa and Oikawa alone together – and while Sawa’s overwhelming burden keeps her from wanting someone else in her life, it looks like that could change. They then start talking about the Ryumyaku supply. Oikawa shows some leaning towards the anti-government perception. After Oikawa’s light goes off, Makoto shows up to tell Sawa that she has become boring. In fact, Makoto’s ‘idol’ is not what she was. He liked her when she was desperate to survive, not while happy. Sawa then leaves Makoto for Oikawa at this moment. ‘Makoto then shows that he did, in fact, have a blue-blood formula pill on him, despite telling Kuzuharu otherwise. A white cat then leaves its scent on Makoto’s leg. We then get a glimpse of Oikawa being what could be a great boyfriend for her…then he dies. Asahi screams. Sawa has no time to process what has happened. She rushes to Asahi. ‘We then see Makoto on top of the temple, and as it turns out – – The white cat that was accompanying him, was like Nana The Albino Crow. A part of what would become Makoto’s (though fake) Blue-blood transformation. Making him into a large-bosomed cat person, clearly ready to start singing Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats. As far as he’s concerned, this transformation has made him immortal…and those hips are definitely for childbearing. Makoto isnt looking for Sawa Karasumori – He wants Sawa Yukimura. And will kill Asahi to get it…and that is what happens…Jeepers. We then get a montage of memories before the saddest moment in the show truly sinks in. Leading to Sawa quoting her first lines of dialogue. “You who would violate the foundation of what makes a man dwell now in the blue that surges within!” We then get the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull returning to get revenge on Macavity Makoto the Mystery Cat just before the end credits start.

Well, if there’s one thing I can say about this show, it’s not afraid to kill off anybody. As I said, it was a nice escape to the country while it lasted. Asahi got to freely be the little sister/daughter in a family, and Sawa got to experience, at least for a few months, the makings of ordinary life. One where she was beginning to get to know this Teacher in Oikawa. A man who, in his short time on this show, was perhaps too nice for their world. Then Makoto, being the selfish ass, takes it all away, just because an unhappy Sawa makes him excited, and is living his fleeting dream by having a battle with Sawa, as he is already dying. Regardless of whether she kills him or not. It then makes me think about who is really behind all of this crap that Sawa has to go through. I will continue watching. Yes, Asahi’s death is a sad one. Perhaps not as mournful as something out of Full Metal Alchemist or Grave Of The Fireflies. But sad nonetheless. The show can only get darker from here. Let us see what happens.

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