Super Cub Ep 3

Super Cub Ep 3

Alright, you know the drill – There will be spoilers to this episode and possibly some episodes that came before it. Let’s go.

So this week’s episode is called “Things Received”. We begin with Koguma leaving to go to school, with the ‘Cub now being an intricate part of her life. It’s only been a few days, but she is adjusting gradually from nothingness to a new view of the world. Reiko still doesn’t greet folk in the morning, and maybe we will find out later why she does this. Until then, we get the opening credits.

So, Koguma gets seventy-eight per cent in a Maths Test (Which would be average), and while she looks over at Reiko, we see she got ninety-six per cent. We can already tell from episode two – this is a very bright girl. Despite the lack of communication in the morning, it’s clear that Reiko still wants to hang out at lunchtime. Not only does she get good grades, but she also has big dreams – especially as a ‘Cub owner. She wants to tour the country – to see the Suzuka Eight Hours. ‘Which is on schedule to return this July as of writing this due to Covid cancelling it last year. ‘And was won 27 times out of 42 by Honda, the makers of the ‘Cub. Then she is interrupted by the fact that Koguma was eating her Chicken Curry Bento cold before continuing her chat. They then get to talking about Luggage boxes, which causes Reiko to make a phone call.

Later, Reiko has Koguma go to Super Ono with her – revealing how fast Reiko can walk. While there, Koguma is encouraged to buy some food packets and to put them in a paper bag. They then go to what I assume is a family-owned shop, where they are shown a scooter ready to be scrapped. Reiko has Koguma take the luggage box from it, and then Koguma gives the owner the food packets from the shop as a thank you. When they get back to the school and fit the luggage box, a teacher approaches Koguma to give her a basket to put in the front of the ‘Cub (Which he had on his ‘Cub at one time). Which completely upgrades it since that morning. The power of receiving. ‘Leading to Reiko giving a slightly philosophical message.
“Parts come and go, see? Whenever you need something, if you call out to the universe, those parts have a way of swooping in somewhere. Although most of the time, it happens after you’ve given up and you’ve already spent money on them.”
While riding home, it occurs to Koguma that the next upgrade will be a windshield of some kind. Whether on the ‘Cub or the helmet. During lunch, she tries on Reiko’s helmet, and after discussing the windshields, they go to Goggles (the copyright-free sister of Google). After only seeing zeroes attached to many helmets, Koguma sees a man wearing industrial googles (See what they did there?). So she goes to the Hardware Store and gets them for about eleven hundred Yen (rather than about twenty to fifty thousand). What follows is Koguma with a giant grin as she speeds down the road at forty kilometres an hour. Things are working out. That night she dreams of riding her ‘Cub on an empty road through fields of sunflowers before waking up.

That morning, we get a breakthrough – after several days of Koguma saying good morning and ignored, Reiko finally realises, “Oh, it was her all this time”, and so they start talking about helmets. A breakthrough in the morning. Upon leaving school, another thing happens – Reiko giving Koguma her mobile phone number. Koguma then acknowledges that they might not be able to call each other friends (at least for now), but they are fellow cub riders, and this – – this might be deeper than just being friends.

Super Cub continues to be a quiet and subtle affair. We see a bit of Reiko’s blue-sky thinking and Koguma finding ways to make ‘Cub journeys more comfortable. We see progress and growth, especially in Koguma, who took small steps towards a better life than what she had. We also, obviously, see a realistic depiction of how some friendships form. In this case, over a common interest. ‘Even though both girls have very different backgrounds and personalities. Anyway, I will continue to see where this goes. See you next week.

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