Art In Art Out Update: 2nd April 2021

Well, folks, April is here, it’s Good Friday, and Cherry Blossoms are already coming out for a show. And with it comes the closing of a dark chapter and the beginning of new life.

It has been a while since I’ve written some news. Unfortunately, if you like my movie reviews and were looking forward to David Lynch Month, this will probably be bad news.

The truth is, I am taking a step back from reviewing movies as a Monday Night Staple.  All Movie Reviews will be Wildcard Reviews and this April will no longer be David Lynch month.

Instead, the Monday Night Review will become a Tuesday Night Review for a time. I will be reviewing new anime episodes on Tuesday and Thursday nights, starting with Joran The Princess Of Snow And Blood, which caught my eye this Tuesday passed, and hence switching days to allow non-subscribers of Crunchyroll to come along for the ride. To some of you, this may be a better way forward. But to those who disagree, I apologise for this decision. Thursday Night Reviews may also change to different days depending on the release dates of new anime.

May In Japan Movie Reviews might not happen on Mondays in May – but trust me when I say you’ll get plenty of Japan over the coming months. Until then, I will see you on Tuesday for the review of Joran Episode One. Then this Thursday for the final episode of Laid Back Camp’s second season.

Have a happy Easter!


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