Laid Back Camp S2 E11

Laid Back Camp S2 E11

And now we continue the final sprint of Laid Back Camp’s second season with the episode in which they finally settle down to camp. As you can tell, this show has been on for a while, but not on a soap opera level. If you have not seen the previous ten episodes and then this one, I would recommend it first.  Because here there are spoilers! Let us begin.

We start the episode from the top of the hill that the girls begin to climb in the last episode (Chiaki collapsed on it while racing Nadeshiko and Akari). As a deal for coming last, Chiaki owed drinks. After a brainstorm idea of going to see some professionally crafted treehouses, they decide to go to a Hot Spring (from which there are many of them in Izu, as the whole region was created by volcanic activity). They pick one – Dougashima Hot Spring, which is very close to camp, and so that Rin doesn’t get cold afterwards (by driving too much more on her moped). They eventually enjoy the Spring itself.

Usually, I reserve a paragraph about Rin alone, and here it is. As you know, she left home at three in the morning two episodes ago (to travel with her Grandpa for a short time). While Nadeshiko was the victim of sleeping through everything last time – Rin descends towards that same road. Since she chose to ride her moped rather than accept a lift in Toba’s minivan, she ends up being, by far, the most exhausted member of the group. She spends the rest of this episode in and out of napping. Enjoying the dinner while also teaching Akari how to build a campfire in the same way we saw her building one in Season One Episode One. This time, we don’t experience any deja vu of Shima Shima Shima Rin and the screaming pinecones.

The girls all arrive at the campsite by replacement driver after Toba-Sensei accidentally decided to have a beer before driving there. Thankfully she didn’t bother taking the risk and saving money. At the camp itself, Rin takes a step back while the others choose to shine. Nadeshiko shines in particular, with her approach to creating Alfonsino Acqua Pazza Pasta with what was leftover from a pot of Chunky Ajillo that woke Rin up before putting her to sleep again (Tiredness and Umami are Wonderful together). 

Rin eventually goes to her tent for the night while the others stay up to watch ‘A Zombie Life’, which continues our dark amusement of Nadeshiko’s distaste for anything horror related. Afterwards, everybody is in bed (more or less), but we get a lovely scene between Nadeshiko and Ena at a park bench nearby (as neither could sleep). Nadeshiko talks about how the sea has always been in her life while growing up. Ena thinks about how much camping has influenced her life and gives her the incentive to eventually get her driver’s license when she turns eighteen. She acknowledges that there are only so many places she can take Chikuwa by bus and train. So why not get a car and then take him anywhere. They both admit that Nadeshiko really is the one who brought the group together.

The following day, it is four in the morning. Rin is now the one awake while everyone else is asleep. She decides to go exploring on her own and see the sunrise. The other girls get up soon after. But admit they’re too tired and go back to their tents. Rin then goes to the hot-spring on her own. Allowing her to experience two things she loves about camping within about thirty hours – time with friends and time alone.

We then get our first episode of Inu Inu Inuo-san, in which Aoi and Akari try to make a Mount-Fuji-shaped tokoroten…it failed. 

Overall the episode was good. We received some of the usual scenes, such as travelling, eating, hot springing and learning something new. Nadeshiko has improved as a chef. Camping has effected everybody involved, and we see how even Rin can miss out on some of the fun with the group. Now we wait and see what Chiaki, Rin, Ena and even Akari cook up in the next episode for what will be Aoi and Nadeshiko’s joint birthday surprise.

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