Laid Back Camp S2 E8

It’s episode eight of Laid Back Camp! It means that before getting there, you would need to watch the seven episodes that came before it, and then this one. So if you haven’t done that already, I ask that you do, because there are spoilers in ‘them woods. So let us begin.

We are here. After two episodes that talk about it, and a previous episode of preparation, it is happening. Nadeshiko has taken on the role of Rin and transformed into a solo camper! It is a dream – she gets a great view of the town nearby, Fuji-San (Mount Fuji) is there, the bathroom is clean, and even though she can’t build a campfire on the grounds, it’s not too cold, and there is a designated area for cooking nearby. The site she’s staying at is occupied by one other tent; a father and his two children, Haruka and Hiroto (with Haruka complaining about the lack of wifi range). As part of Rin’s rules for solo camping, Nadeshiko decided she would do some “Outdoor Cooking Research”. In other words, she wants to see if she can make an even better meal for the gang when they meet up for another night of camping together.

Meanwhile, our substory for this episode revolves around Rin and Sakura, with nobody from the outdoor club and their little dog in view: Rin is going to her own solo camp, which includes a very well presented scene where she tries to cross a very shaky foot-bridge before turning back for the Hot Springs. Meanwhile, Sakura looks at buying some Game while at the Hot Spring she stayed in during the last episode (seeing whether to get Deer, Bear or Boar). When she looks at a recipe for Braised Bear Paw… Yeah, she goes for the Deer in the end. While at the Hot Spring with Rin, we witness our second judgemental cat of the series. A black and white Felix cat with a ‘paw’ on its muzzle staring inside, trying to hypnotise someone into opening the door for it while Rin sits in a vibrating armchair. However, when both Rin and Sakura realise that Nadeshiko hasn’t updated online (and is therefore out of range. Breaking one of Rin’s Rules), they decide to investigate.

Meanwhile, the children from the other tent are introduced sub-consciously to Secret Society: Blanket through Nadeshiko, as she decides to bake vegetables over hot coals while wrapped up. Curious, the children join her for the Baked Tomato, which worked out and leads to a scene were Nadeshiko borrows a little bit from the Old Witch in Snow White. They then try baked eggplant, baked potato and baked avocado, with the results appearing to get worse as it all progressed until the baked Sweet Potato changed the children’s lives forever in a moment. However, all came crashing down with an overbaked carrot. So the children learn from Nadeshiko, while Nadeshiko learns from them when it came to cooking some convenient store food that wasn’t curry cup ramen. Rin witnesses Nadeshiko’s experience and is relieved to find that she’s doing well and even making friends. In the car park, she gets spooked by Sakura, who has arrived for the same reason. At this moment, Sakura finds out how good Nadeshiko’s friends are. Particularly Rin. They go to see the night-scape view before having to hide when they’re nearly caught by Nadeshiko, who arrives on the same spot to take a selfie and send it to them. While Sakura and Rin are leaving to go home, they receive the selfie. Afterwards, Sakura offers to buy Rin some dinner, as a new social link is forged. Our episode ends with Nadeshiko setting up her sleeping bag on a park bench. Here, she stares at the night-scape of the nearby town.

The post-credits introduce us to a new mini-show. Along with Room Camp and Shima Shima Shima Rin, we now have Inu Inu Inuko-San, where Aoi fantasises about owning the Caribou-Kun that the girls all hugged a few episodes back. Especially after finding out that he can be bought. Dry responses and all. However, at 360,000 Yen (or roughly $36,000) – We’ll see if she gets one when Nadeshiko gets her flying tent. *wink*.

I thought this episode as very well handled, and I’m happy that they didn’t just copy a Rin Camp and replace her with Nadeshiko in the spot. Rin has her approach after all, and while having Nadeshiko do a Solo Camp where she is completely alone on site could be used, I’d say it’s too soon for her to be subjected to that scenario. The presence of the other campers was instrumental for settling the pink-haired extrovert into the habit of being able to do these things alone if need be. Unlike some previous episodes, there is little indication as to what the next episode will bring. Perhaps they will start to get the Sake Shop Town Camp prepared? Either way, I will see you there! 

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