Laid Back Camp S2 E7

Once again, I will start this review by letting you know there are spoilers. If you haven’t been watching the show up to this point, I would recommend that you do before continuing.

Well, I was right about one thing – this episode was either going to be Nadeshiko going solo camping or preparing for said solo camp. And today, she chose to get prepared. Because while Laid Back Camp is a surprisingly laser-focused show, it is also a show that likes to slow down and take it easy by not being a drama. Why do I say it’s not a drama? Because drama is life with the Boring bits taking out – meaning Laid Back Camp could be ‘life’ hence, slice-of-life – all right, I’ll stop. The show’s not dull. Let us focus on the episode.

So today, Aoi and Chiaki are taking a break after their little misadventure at the last camp trip, and Ena’s taking it easy as well, mostly sticking to conversations with Rin and Nadeshiko, the main focus of today’s episode. With the rest of the Outdoors Club at work, and everybody’s jobs taking them away from their meetings, Nadeshiko begins to miss Camping. She recalls the New Years Stayover at her Grandmother’s House that she would like to try solo camping. So she does what every sane human being does when they want to do something: ask a friend who knows something about what you’re aiming to do (if you have one). Rin takes the opportunity to give Nadeshiko bullet points. Everything she needs to do before she steps out the door on that fateful day with everything on her back. Rin’s ‘Camp Course’ becomes interesting because we are learning along with Nadeshiko. So if we ever camp in real life, we can follow the same rules.

Meanwhile, in the Teacher Facility, Toba-Sensei is looking at Sake on her phone. She finds the one she had in the last episode and sets up a later episode in the season (perhaps). The hiking club advisor tells her that there is a campsite in that Sake shop’s town that doesn’t get too cold in winter – So the Club might go there later.

As part of the rules, Nadeshiko tells her family about the solo camp. Including her sister, Sakura, who reacts to it in a very amusing manner. Then she puts the application called ‘Find My Family’ on Nadeshiko’s phone. After this, we experience Laid Back Camp’s answer to the Rocky Montage, as Nadeshiko gets everything together for her trip. This montage includes the first time we have ever seen Nadeshiko and Toba-Sensei in a classroom setting together. We then see Nadeshiko get ready to leave the house before the sun rises.

We enter the second half of our episode from here. This time we see more of Rin while also paying attention to Nadeshiko avoiding temptation (Other food that isn’t what Sakura recommended for her to try). Rin has also decided to go out for the weekend. More specifically, Akasawa-shuku, a post station for Shinto worshippers traveling to Mount Minobu and Shichimen. She sightsees a little before going to a Hot Spring. Here, she runs into Sakura, who is also out alone, leading to some amusing moments and scenes that develop her as both the watchful older sister and a fan of Moped’s Journey. Which I think is this show presenting Kino’s Journey as a reality TV Programme.

This episode was not as frantic as the last one – but I still found it quietly delightful, enjoyable and funny. In particular for Rin and Sakura’s scenes and the moment when Nadeshio finally gets to eat. Now to wait and see how Nadeshiko copes on her own.

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