Laid Back Camp S2 E5

Laid Back Camp S2 E5

We’re nearing the halfway mark of this season, and much has happened up to this point. If you haven’t seen the previous four episodes before watching this episode, I say watch them first then watch this one and then come back. Because there are spoilers ahead. Let’s get started.

So to quote Chiaki for this week; “Nothing beats camping while other people are working…”. We have a stand-out episode here because both Rin and Nadeshiko are occupied with work; Rin at the Bookshop and Nadeshiko at the Soba Shop that hired her last week (She’s getting used to it, so we’ll give her peace until next time). Today it’s all about the other three; Chiaki, Aoi and Ena (Sadly, no Chikuwa…but it is cold outside after all). They decide to spend a weekend together by going sight-seeing around Lake Yamanaka (The southeasternmost of the Fuji Five Lakes) with a Bus Day-Ticket (at ¥1500 each) before going to the Campsite. Along the way, they stop off at a bigger version of Caribou (complete with its big, cuddly mascot Caribou-kun), their time in the shop gave us a throwback to Season One, when Chiaki decides to get a plastic bowl, rather than wood. Because while wooden bowls aren’t great for hot food, they’re great for hot-house plants (…It now houses a Cactus). Then we’re given the effect of an episode in this season; Aoi gets her Camping chair while Chiaki looks at getting a hammock. We’re then left with a cliffhanger, as the Shopkeeper suggests pairing a hammock with another bit of camping equipment. Chiaki liked it so much…but we don’t know what it is yet. They then go to the Hotspring and then go grocery shopping, where they pick up ingredients suggested by Nadeshiko for a Hot Pot, then they go to the campsite. In the post-credits, we are given what could be first episode of the next season Room Camp – only it’s called Shima Shima Shima Rin, which gives us, easily, the most black humoured joke in the entire show (so far).

Laid Back Camp episodes usually have at least a few things going wrong, and this episode in particular has plenty of them. Well, not necessarily things going wrong, but more along the lines of a trip not reaching a maximum potential – a reality, rather than a dream. The girls see plenty throughout the day, but the location of their campsite meant there were fewer options than they realised…and in the end, isn’t that part of what makes a Slice Of Life in the first place?

In the next episode I predict that at least half of the story will continue where this trip left off, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Rin and Nadeshiko get more screen time.

Oh, and today’s foodie moment was soft serve ice cream.

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