Laid Back Camp S2 E4

It’s Thursday! You know what that means. It means if you haven’t seen the last three episodes of Laid Back Camp, plus this one. I would recommend spending the next ninety minutes watching them, and then returning, because here we have spoilers. You have been warned. But if you have seen them already, welcome! This is episode four.

We start with what looks like a five minute long episode of Room Camp (excluding the show’s intro); Chiaki, Aoi and Nadeshiko are back in the narrow clubroom, where Aoi gives Nadeshiko a recap on what she did on New Years Eve. Nadeshiko does the same, and they both bring up what Rin was doing, based on Nadeshiko’s time with her, and the photos she posted. Meanwhile, Chiaki guzzles the snacks everybody brought back as souvenirs (Behaviour we normally associate with Nadeshiko, but obviously not this time). They then start experimenting with a new Tarp Tent that Chiaki bought for 6000 Yen, but then realise that she forgot to bring poles, so Nadeshiko filled in the role, before both sides finally came to their senses. From here on, we receive the goal of the episode: The girls start talking about how they are going to spend the money they earned during the winter holiday. For Aoi, a chair like Rin’s, for Chiaki, a Hammock, and for Nadeshiko…the vintage night light that she has been wanting to buy since Season One…however she won’t receive her pay check until the following week.

Rin and Ena’s presence is minimal this week. They’re in the school library, and Ena mentions that she spent her money on a Doggy Tent for Chikuwa (With the poor attempts by Rin to look disinterested). We also see Minami Toba (Miss Chug) being appreciated for her work with the Girls by receiving some of the souvenirs (and a note) at her desk.

We also experience a very interesting moment with Nadeshiko, which involves her running to the train station in Minobu, and then waiting there (all while pondering on what to eat with the gang later). In the last episode, Rin mentions how much she appreciates aloneness/loneliness through her group camps…and here, Nadeshiko is truly alone for the first time in the show (with nothing to do but to wait for the train). Having never done a solo camp before, it becomes an opportunity to choose growth…and be more like Rin for a change. After this, she starts looking for a new job within the Minobu area (however they all appear to be in Kofu). It manages to touch on a very real world problem – that sometimes the work will not be there, and any possible positions have fierce competition. Despite the lack of success by this point, Nadeshiko starts to research what she needs to make Solo Winter Camping a reality.

Nadeshiko’s older sister, Sakura, ends up being the character who drives the story forward in this episode. From her problem being the lack of disposable hand warmers, to helping Nadeshiko find work in Minobu. In the process, Nadeshiko repays the favour by buying her reusable hand warmers (which is seen in the credits), it was a great sequence that allows the sunrise to happen with the ending theme playing.

The animation was especially humorous in this episode – in particular reactions and facial expressions from both Chiaki and Nadeshiko.

In general, this episode was enjoyable with more focus on the little things that will create the traction towards the Summer Camp-Out that may or may not include Nadeshiko’s childhood friend Ayano Toki.

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