Lazy Masquerade (YouTube)

Okay – so how I found Lazy Masquerade goes all the way back to 2015. While rummaging through a box of memories, I came across an old PC CD that I enjoyed as a kid. Without going into too many details on it – one thing that really stood out was the fact that voice acting legend Maurice LaMarche (Brain from Pinky & The Brain) narrated scary stories as a reward for completing word search puzzles in it. Even though the stories themselves are tame and obviously for a younger audience – the production and his delivery of these stories have literally been stuck in my memory for a lifetime. To say the least, I enjoyed them enough that I wanted to see if someone on YouTube was doing the same thing. The search led to some great results in spooky fiction. But then I started to find Channels with a different crop of horror narration…Enter Lazy Masquerade.

Horror Narrators on youtube usually fall into three main categories: Fiction, Non Fiction, and Grey Area. Lazy focuses more on the Non-Fiction and Grey Area sides – with some videos being from People saying they encountered or nearly met Ghosts and Skin-walkers. His choice of music, the flashlight-under-the-chin vocal delivery (paired up with his Surrey English Dialect), and the stories he covers in general, make for some of the best horror experiences that you can find on the internet.

Many narrators cover similar topics and add their own spin and style on the delivery, with some having less common subject matter to tell. In Lazy’s case, he occasionally covers True Detective Stories – and since his move to Japan from his home in England, he has started to cover a lot more interesting stories from the East, and has become a literal master at delivering Yandere and Yakuza Horror Stories. Some of his stories are also region locked outside of his telling of them. As in, they only appeared in local news, but not internationally.

If you are looking to hear a scary story that took place in the real world, is presented well, and covers a wide range of the real, chilling, and surreal, this is a great channel for that sort of thing.

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