The Cottage Fairy (YouTube)

This was a Youtube channel I found (recommended to me) only about a month ago, and as of now it has only been going since June 2020. To say the least, I’m pleased. And I’ll tell you why:

Set in the North-East of Washington State, USA, The Cottage Fairy is a Youtube Channel created by Paola Merrill, and is based on her actual experiences, not as a fairy, but as somebody who manages to live the small, cozy, Cottage Life. A simple, low-key day-to-day that some people (especially those in big cities) would love to experience for themselves (even if the hard work to make this life happen isn’t always addressed). The channel was designed in two ways: The first is to provide a pleasing way of advertising for her art, as she runs a shop on Etsy (and some videos show her actually making her pieces). The other way is to provide content that is surprisingly therapeutical, similar to AMSR videos. With sounds and imagery that not only allow you to relax while watching, but also to allow you to escape into her world for 5 to 10 minutes, as you witness her activities throughout the seasons.

Her choice of cinematography is truly fantastic, from her detailed close ups of little natural things, to her drone-shots of the location, as well as her choices in natural colour, light, and other subject matter. Her dialogue is semi-poetic, and coincides well with her soothing voice (which I could describe as like a female Bob Ross, spoken at a more deliberate pace). This is very much a vlog, even if she doesn’t talk to the camera directly – slightly biographical, but also seeking to say something that you need to hear (such as the perception of happiness). There are also plenty of shots of her dog and rabbit/s.

As of this review, her channel sits at 272k subscribers, which is fantastic for one that has only existed for 6-7 months. There are YouTube channels that do similar content – but this happened to be the first one I found of that kind, and so I’m placing emphasis on it today.

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