Art In Art Out Update: January 4th 2021

So, after taking a bit of time to ponder and plan, I’ve decided to make at least one change to everything that is happening in this site’s year to come. We’ll start with a preview of the full line up for 2021 on Monday:

January: Jean Pierre Jeunet Month – Four films directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. I have already written about his 2001 film Amelie (1 of my favourite films of all time), so I’ll be covering some of his other directorial works for this month coming.

February: Fevrier Français – Four French Films. This will include at least two animated films, and two films that involve the work of Band Desiree (Comic Strip) creator Jacques Tardi.

March: Robert Rodriguez Month – For this I will be covering the whole of the El Mariachi Trilogy, and two other films by the Director. I will not be covering Spy Kids though. That should narrow it down.

April: David Lynch Month Part 1 – Four Films by David Lynch. He has directed many that I would love to cover, so this will be Part 1. Part 2 will happen in 2022 I’d say. Depending on the circumstances. I would also love to cover Twin Peaks, so we’ll see if that happens this year or next.

May: May In Japan Part 1 – All Japanese films, all live-action, possibly set in May, but definitely made in Japan. There will be at least one Akira Kurosawa film here…Or it could end up being an Akira Kurosawa month. Who knows…? Either way, there are too many to cover, so this is a part 1.

.June: Jim Marmusch Month Part 1 – Four Films by Jim Jarmusch that are difficult to narrow down, because like Lynch, he has a fair catalog. I’ve already covered Night On Earth, and despite this, there is still plenty of black coffee and cigarettes to get through here. So he too will have a Part 2, possibly in 2022. Once again, depending on circumstances.

July: Sergio Leone Month – All Spaghetti Westerns. All Month. All Ennio Morricone as well.

August: Martial Arts Movie August (or MAMA) – For this month, I’ll be watching and reviewing five Martial Arts movies. Probably all of them were made in Hong Kong, but we’ll see.

September: Sci-Fi Month I have a friend who loves Sci-Fi Movies. Especially those that were made in the 1970s. So for September I’m going to cover some of the films he loves.

October: South Korean Month – All of them are South Korean movies, and also all of them are South Korean movies of the Thriller and/or Horror Genre. It will be a different Halloween lineup this year.

November: Matrix NoVember – You might be thinking “What about doing this in May as part of ‘May-trix’?”. It is because I can cover The Matrix Trilogy and the Animatrix in 4 Mondays, but I have nothing for the 5th Monday of that month, and The Matrix 4 is not out until December…and I am not covering the PS2 Matrix games. I might even call it “Nothing-Is-What-It-Seems-November” just to be annoying. However it’s mostly because The Wachowskis wrote all of these films. Anyway, we will start that month with V For Vendetta as the 5th of November draws closely after that. Then the Matrix Trilogy and The Animatrix will follow it. Because let us be honest, these films are probably more important now than when they came out.

December: Christmas Movies – The title says it all.

So with that said, I will now talk about the Thursday At 6 Reviews by saying that I will be changing the subject from January 14th onwards, and doing one last scheduled review of a Youtube Channel/s on January 7th before focusing on the new topic. What is the new topic? Anime! I will start this new lineup with the first episode of the second season of Laid Back Camp (or Yuru Camp), and continue writing about it every week until its conclusion, before moving onto another show or movie in that slot. I think Season 2 technically starts on January 7th, but as a Crunchyroll member I want to give those watching it for free a chance to see it themselves and follow along. I’m aware that this could change though, due to the purchase of CR by Sony/Funimation. But we’ll look at the bridge when it’s in front of us.

This doesn’t mean there won’t be more YouTube Channels reviews. It is only when they are scheduled. Instead they will be part of what I’m calling a Wild Card Review, which is a random Review that happens anytime and about anything from Books to Movies to TV Shows to Games to Youtube to Locations to Theatre…Similar to what I did before (Then became more organised). I’m doing this for good reason…There are too many Anime and Disney movies and shows that I wouldn’t mind covering. And the more writing I do, the better.

Anyway, I hope we can all have a tremendous 2021, and may you all be blessed.


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