Sapphire (YouTube)

You know, there are video game series that I consistently go back to, in the same way people will re-read books, re-watch films and TV shows, and listen to favourite albums or singles. In my case, among the go-to game series are the Persona games. In particular Persona 3, 4 and 5, as well as all of the games associated with those 3 sets of characters. Much like how Street Fighter 2 became a household game by its roster alone. Stick the ‘2’ in the name, ad folk know who’s in it. Among the great qualities that these games have is the music by Shoji Meguro, who enjoys mixing a range of genres together to create his scores, including jazz fusion and hip-hop. Then we have fans of this series who decide to create their own covers of Meguro’s songs. Enter Sapphire.

Now, the Sapphire I’m referring is not the same as SAPPHIRE, a singer songwriter whose channel is also worth checking out and can be found because her name is in all capital letters. This channel of the Sapphire I’m talking about today originally started off with some loving parodies of Persona 4 that poke fun at the game’s stories. She was an audio editor for those. However as time went on, she began to add music to her channel.

Her work isn’t exclusively Persona songs, but they were my introduction to her portfolio. Among other covers she has created include songs from Games like Fire Emblem (especially Three Houses), and Super Smash Bros. As well as songs from anime such as Kill La Kill, Tokyo Ghoul, Samurai Champloo and Mob Psycho 100. The english lyrics that she creates for these covers, I find, perfectly fit in sync with the instrumentals and melodies, which are usually recreated from scratch with new instrument choices by various bands. My personal recommendations from her channel include her covers of “Snowflakes” (Persona 4 Golden), “When the Moon Reaches Out to the Stars” (Persona 3) and “Futuristic Imagination” (Eden Of The East).

As of writing this, Sapphire has 290k subscribers, and if you’re a Persona fan, let alone an anime fan who liked the music to the point of playing it in the car, and maybe you’re not sure about playing it in front of your non-anime-loving friends because of the language barrier, Sapphire’s channel would be a good icebreaker.

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