Jake Westbrook (YouTube)


Well it’s Christmas Eve! And you know what can lift people out of a downer? Even with everything that has been happening over the last 9 months? Music! Even people with advanced dementia will, for a few minutes, experience an escapism while music plays. And do you know what manages to stick around every Christmas, even when fewer children are acquiring the toys and other gifts that we once associated with many of our own Christmas Pasts? Music! And that’s why I’m going to talk a bit about a youtube channel I found back in October. This is Jake Westbrook.

Though Jake’s channel has technically been around since 2013, he has only started to upload videos to it as early as July this year. His first video? One Hour of Vintage Fall/Autumn Music, which included two versions of the song Autumn Leaves, one by Nat King Cole and the other by Bing Crosby. As well as ‘September In The Rain’ by Frank Sinatra and and ‘When October goes’ by Rosemary Clooney. Then he put out a playlist for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter in general, and of course, Christmas. In fact, he did three this current holiday. And as of this review he did one for New Years Eve. The artists behind the music are all people your parents and even your grandparents might remember. Especially if you’re an American. You have Frank Sinatra as a staple, and Bing Crosby, Julie London and Rosemary Clooney are in there as well. You have everything you need to make your home feel like an old Disney short cartoon, Martin Scorcese film, or even your grandmother’s house if she liked this sort of ting herself. Either way, I have my recommendation for all of this.

So, I’ll be posting one more review before the year ends, I’ll see you on Monday at Six for that one. And whether you choose a vintage sound to go with Tomorrow’s dinner or not – Happy Christmas to everyone reading this!

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