Steve1989MREInfo (YouTube)

Last week I talked about Urban Explorer Dan Bell (Check out This Is Dan Bell. when you get the chance) and this week we’ll be looking at what is potentially a branch of the same kind of thing…but different. So lets get started.

Steve1989MREinfo is a youtube channel that focuses entirely on one thing: MREs (Meal, Ready-To-Eat) and Rations – with one dating as far back as the 1860s! (or more specifically, a cracker that was made when Abraham Lincoln was alive…and yes, he ate it) What he does is he gathers up MREs and rations from all over the world and each video focuses on individual cases.

As mentioned, some can be especially old, while others are very modern. Every item is different, and is designed to suit the needs of what ever regiment receives them, and in whichever part of the world (and when ever). It depends on whether a soldier is working in hot or cold weather, or if they are in a location that could be scarce of animals and vegetables that can be hunted or picked from the wild. For instance, there is a ration from the 1940s that is designed for people stranded at sea. It contains vitamin tablets, chewing gum and candy, and is designed to be used when the recipients are unable to catch any fish to eat.

While Steve has tried some of the newer rations to test them out – the older rations are treated with a certain degree of dignity…and wisdom (outside of the Civil War Cracker, of course). Over time, some items take on the chemicals that are in their respective containers, and in the case of old canned foods, they could be lethal.

I would recommend this channel to a variety of people. First of all to people who are fascinated by these things in the same way Steve is. But also to people who enjoy learning about military history, cultural differences through survival means, survival equipment in general, and the storied choices behind each item (For instance, the inclusion of cigarettes, condoms, chewing gum and vitamins). I’d say it is also a good channel for writers. Especially if they are telling stories about soldiers and/or survival, and trying to imagine a journey were you might only have some of the things mentioned in each package here.

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