Art In Art Out Update: 2021 Preview

After a bit of turbulence when it came to writing reviews again, I started to create the “Monday At 6” Review, which is a Weekly Review at 6pm UK Time on Mondays, and consists of anything I either watched or played in time to write about it, and occasionally sticking to a theme (such as horror for Halloween and Christmas for…well, Christmas). However, I plan to expand upon that. To go beyond just posting on Monday and to write about other things as well. So here is a Schedule (or Preview) of what is to be expected within the year 2021, starting this December in 2020:

Monday: The Monday At 6 Review: Movies, TV Shows, Anime and Video Games. Old and New, Loved, Hated, and just okay. From time to time, I will also include some kind of artwork or fan art to compliment or coincide with it.

Thursday: The Youtube Review at 6, where I talk about a channel that either catches my eye or has taught, fascinated or entertained me to a great extent and would want to share the love and give them an even bigger audience. These channels could range from storytellers, to art tutorials, cooking tutorials, musicians, Photographers, cartoonists, documenters, other reviewers, explorers, urban legend documentary channels, Ghost Hunters, History Teachers and maybe even detectives (if there are any).

Lastly, here are some themes to be abided by within the year to come, with more updates on the way:

December 2020: A Video Game set at Christmas, Two Christmas movies, and a TV show with 2020 in its title.

February 2021: Février Français: Four Monday Night Reviews of Movies or TV Shows that were originally recorded in the French language (and may continue to be so when distributed internationally).

June 2021: June Jarmusch: Four Monday Night Reviews of movies by film director Jim Jarmusch.

It’s good to be back doing this. Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you on Thursday!


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