The Lego Movie (2014) Movie Review

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Who knew that Will Ferrell could appear in genuinely beautiful films?  It’s true.  Don’t believe me?  Then let me talk about about this film.

Without a doubt, The Lego Movie is 1 of the fastest movies I’ve ever watched in terms of its energy, pacing and the fact that they managed to accomplish a lot of things that might get lost in a film that goes at a similar speed, such as actual character development and likeable characters.  It’s a style of movie that’s perfect for kids, while at the same time featuring an all-important sense of humour that broadens its audience extensively within the context of a “family film”.

Our film takes places in possibly 1 of the greatest satires of Big Brother/The Matrix/1984 that I have ever seen, without really featuring any reference to them…Trust me, it is basically a similar story and situation (and I love how it parodies real life in its own way…such as drinking overpriced coffee being the norm).  Our film’s main character is Emmett Brickowoshi (voiced by Chris Pratt, aka Starlord, aka Andy Dwyer in Parks And Recreation), who is basically a product of his environment.  He follows all the rules, is under the watchful eye of our main villain Lord/President Business (voiced by Will Ferrell), and likes that 1 song that everybody knows.  Everything is the way it should be in the eyes of Lord Business…until Emmett ends up breaking an important rule…by not reporting “something unusual”, which comes in the form of a cyberpunk girl named Wyldstyle (voiced by Elizabeth Banks) who is seeking something called “The Piece Of Resistance” that would bring forth a prophesied saviour known as “The Special”.  When Emmet decides to follow her, he ends up being chosen – and by chosen, I mean he has something stuck to his back that isn’t lego.  Believing he’s the chosen 1, Wyldstyle helps Emmet escape from Bad Cop’s interrogation (Bad Cop being voiced by Liam Neeson) and travel beyond the world that Emmett knows, and into the other Lego dimensions.  They eventually go to the world of Master Builders, where Emmett meets the wizard Vitruvius (voiced by Morgan Freeman), the Mecha Pirate known as Metal Beard (voiced by Nick Offerman), and before that he meets Wyldstyle’s boyfriend…Batman! (voiced by Will Arnett) who is possibly 1 of the greatest parodies/satires of the character that I’ve ever seen.  I don’t plan on spoiling the film, but it does follow the “Overcoming The Monster” story archetype and a bit of The Quest, while throwing in a ton of comical humour as well.

The Lego movie is a film that gives proof to animation’s versatility over live-action (in certain contexts), as it is a movie made almost entirely out of toys, and yet it provides an energy and excitement that can be expected from action films, which don’t always deliver (depending on the director, budget and choices).  The animation is like the song title says.  Everything about it is awesome.  The voice acting is great (with Chris Pratt being a fantastic choice for Emmett), and considering it’s a 100 minute film, I almost couldn’t get tired of watching this.

The music is well done.  Fitting for every scenario (and amusing), and that song, within context.  Hilarious.

The story is fast-paced and pretty strong.  It’s effectively about how a character with the least amount of qualifications for a role can actually accomplish something if he learns (in Emmett’s case, he’s 1 of the least creative builders ever, due to being a follower of instructions and living in the lego matrix).  Any master builder could “save the world” from Lord Business, but for some reason it falls onto the shoulders of “a Nobody”, and within the context of acceptance, importance and fear, it is relatable.  It’s a testament to both hard work and having good people to help you out.  I mentioned Will Ferrell being in a beautiful movie.  You’ll simply have to watch it and see what I mean.

Would I recommend this film?  Yes!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was excellent fun with a lot of satire/parody, excellent humour, a great story, great characters, amazing animation, and I got a lot out of it.  If you ever have a chance, watch the episode of Dave Gorman’s Modern Life Is Goodish where he discusses something incredibly ironic that Lego does after the movie comes out.

Also once again, Lego Batman!


Story: ****1/2

Music: ****

Voice Acting: *****

Animation: *****

Characters: ****1/2

Overall rating: ****3/4 out of 5

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