Little Inferno Video Game Review

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Wow…where do I begin with this game?  Created by the Tomorrow Corporation, who also created the awesome puzzle game World Of Goo on the Wii, Little Inferno is set in a Tim Burtoneque town where the world is getting colder, and the only way to stay alive is by buying stuff, and then burning it in a massive fire.  And that’s the whole game, it’s all about burning stuff…and you know what…I loved playing this!

It’s really short, you’d get about 4-5 hours of gameplay out of it, and there’s even an odd story to go with it.  One where you receive letters from a girl next door, who, like you, also enjoys burning things, and earn money by doing it.

The game’s humour is absolutely class.  Really funny in a dark and morbid way, while maintaining a cuteness to it.  Part of the fun with the game is the fact that everything you burn as its own “special power”.  Credit cards have bank notes playing out of them, allowing the fire to spread further away.  marshmallows scream when they burn.  Batteries burst.  heating fans catch fire, making it a fun final item.  Ice cubes freeze everything around it, making it difficult to stack other items quickly because like everything in a liquid nitrogen state, it shatters.

Are there any downsides to this game?  Perhaps the fact that it wasn’t longer?  That there wasn’t more stuff to burn?  Maybe.  With the amount of fun I got out of it, I wouldn’t have minded an extra few hours.  Perhaps some DLC to provide an extra catalog or 2?  The graphics and music are great.  The gameplay is ultra simple, yet fun.  The story is like a short film that doesn’t try to fit itself into a formula, and therefore provides a pleasant change.

I guess outside of the length, the only thing that doesn’t make this a perfect game is the lack of challenge.  As fun and funny as it is, there is no real challenge to it, unless you’re trying to figure out all of the combinations, which are necessary to advance the game and get more catalogs.  The names of the combos are there in the form of a riddle or a pun that you have to figure out, and honestly I think that’s it.  If you want something for a laugh at with your friends or a family member with a twisted sense of humour, then this 1 is for you.

Overall rating: **** out of 5

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